Kiln Dried Logs

Logs dried to 15% moisture… and sustainability achieved by continual replanting!

Wrights Forestry Services believe that wood is a far more sustainable fuel product than oil, coal or gas.

We provide sustainable fuel and our felling areas are and will continue to be replanted/re-seeded in accordance with the Forestry commission recommendations ensuring sustainability for years and future generations to come.

The process we follow ensures that no bi product from tree felling or wood cutting is wasted as everything is recycled and used as fuel.

All of the firewood used in our kiln dried log production comes from over 500 acreage of family owned woodland which is felled to a 30% ratio in accordance with the Forestry Commission.

Softwood tree species include Larch, Spruce and Pine are mechanically harvested using our own plant and equipment.

Hardwood tree species such as Oak, Ash and Beach are all hand felled by our own members of staff.

As our forests and woods are all located in County Durham close to our offices and log production plant this ensures we have a very low carbon footprint on the transportation of the wood from forestry to process plant.

All our wood can be processed to any specific sizes but in general to suit most log burners they are cut to 8 inches in length.

Once cut the logs are transported through a trammel device which removes unwanted bark, this bark along with other waste is then used to fuel our biomass boilers.

From the trammel the wood is stored in bespoke metal stillages that allow full ventilation and air circulation around the logs throughout the drying process.

At our Willington premises we operate 13 log drying Biomass boilers, all installed and fitted by industry leading supplier Glen Farrow and are designed and manufactured in the UK providing high efficiency – low heat loss.

These Biomass boilers replace high carbon emission fossil fuel usage with wood; in our case they are fuelled by virgin timber products i.e. Bark/Branches/Oversized round wood, are used to heat 40 foot kilns.

Our kilns are loaded with the metal stillages filled with hardwood or softwood logs for a period of 1 week at a constant temperature of 50 degrees Celsius which gradually brings down the wood moisture content to 15%. Using this process we are able to deliver top quality kiln dried logs that our customers rely upon.

Once kiln dried, the logs are loaded by hand into standard sized builder’s dumpy bags we deliver. This way we are able to ensure only the best quality wood is used. Hand bagging also allows us to meet the specific needs, to meet our customer’s preference for softwood, hardwood or a mix of both while ensuring the correct size of log.

We deliver throughout the North East; our delivery includes the first 5 miles free from our DL15 depot, anywhere outside of that area will be priced when you make your order.

We endeavour to deliver your order of kiln dried logs  at a time convient to you, however your delivery won’t be left on the kerb side; we will try to deliver to your specified place using a Hiab. The Hiab even makes it possible to drop your bags off over walls and fences.



Dunelm Cottage, Park Street, Willington, County Durham. DL150ER

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Kiln Dried Logs