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Wrights Forestry Services is family run and part of a wider business first started in the eighties.

We wanted to create an ethos where sustainability, value and service are at the heart, something our children and grandchildren will fly the flag for too.

Our ownership of the local woodland forests our logs come from ensures we produce great quality firewood from a renewable source.

At our main site in County Durham (based on the former Brancepeth Colliery) we process the felled logs, chop and kiln dry them to approximately 15% moisture. To provide the best logs for our customers we’ve invested in large, high quality kilns. We consistently evaluate our equipment which means ongoing investment for us but a better product for you. We believe there’s nothing worse than a soggy log!

Our customers tell us they’ve found using our kiln dried logs more efficient than seasoned logs for their wood burners or stoves. While seasoned logs can be cheaper the quality varies which leaves you questioning the quality of your next builders bag. We aim to be the premier kiln dried log supplier in the north east so focus on providing consistent, top quality products to you. That way you know what you can expect from our next delivery – the peace of mind of undoubted quality and reliability.

Our team’s expanding year-on-year along with our product offering so contact us, for more information on bulk buying, out of region deliveries. We guarantee you’ll always receive a quality service.


Dunelm Cottage, Park Street, Willington, County Durham. DL150ER

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