Here are our answers to the most frequently asked log questions…

About Logs
Are the logs ready to burn?

Yes – our logs are delivered immediately ready for use

What is the moisture content of the logs?

We aim to get the moisture content to 15% or below, so our logs are light and dry

What size are the logs?

Roughly between 150-200mm and are delivered in a full builder’s bag

Are the logs seasoned?

The technology used in a log kiln means the long seasoning process is no longer required.  In addition, kiln dried logs provide a better, more consistent product to our customers

Are the logs hardwood?

We supply hardwood, softwood and a mixture – it’s just up to you!

About Delivery

How long after ordering will the logs be delivered?
We aim to keep our deliveries as carbon efficient and economical as we can so try to make co-ordinate deliveries by location. Delivery depends on request but we aim to deliver within 72 hours but sometimes it’s the same day!
How will the logs be delivered?

We usually use one of our small pick-up trucks to deliver to you but it depends on the delivery size

How are the logs unloaded?

We use a crane to deliver to your storage area

Where should I store the logs?

We recommend storing logs somewhere that’s covered and ventilated to get the best burn from the kiln drying process


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